About us

The Regional Agency for Productive Development in Valparaiso (ARDPV) borns in early 2007, after a big analysis of the undeniable advantages of the region as a Higher Education area – where 810 undergraduate and 123 postgraduate programs are offered – and that drives the definition of a development strategy that is embodied in the creation of the Competitiveness Improvement Program (PMC) "Study in Valparaíso".

Study in Valparaíso, is the institutional expression of a joint effort designed to summon wills and criteria, to integrate the individual perspectives of IES towards a consensus vision of the future, for the creation of the Higher Education Institutions Cluster of Valparaiso Region. With 37 institutions including universities, professional institutes and technical training centers and a total enrollment exceeding 100,000 students, the need to translate ideas and individual efforts in a collective and coordinated program of work was imminent, in order to print a seal of continuous improvement in the quality of education and related services delivered to students, who put their trust and professional future in our academic centers.

Study in Valparaíso vision's is "To be an integrated higher education comunity, recognized in Latin America by its academic reputation and quality of life, where student can learn and develop"

To acomplish this, the Higher Education Institutions of the region are working together to improve in four areas, each one with different priorities and execution times:

• Working together

Raising awareness, articulating, associating partners, key actors within the territory.

• Development and innovation on complementary services

Improving and expanding what already exists, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the field.

• Information 

Of the territory, the demand, the supply and the sector.

• Promotion and communication

Of the academic offer and the territory at a national and international level.


The Higher Education Institutions of Valparaiso have organized around a Private Corporation called Corporación Estudia en la Región de Valparaíso, presided by Aldo Valle, Universidad de Valparaiso Chancellor.

This Corporation has the following funding partners:

Universidad de Valparaíso Chancellor. Mr. Aldo Valle

Universidad de Playa Ancha. Chancellor Mr. Patricio Sanhueza

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Chancellor Mr. Claudio Elortegui

Universidad Federico Santa María Chancellor Mr. Darcy Fuenzalida


Main objectives

The main objetive of the Corporation is to articulate the network of partners and collaborators to improve competitivenes of the higher education institutions and complementary services of the Region, to develop and push action to position the Region as the best higher educational destination and to make it a referential place at an international level, and at last, to contribute to the development of the region in educational, social, economic and cultural level.


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