How to get to Valparaíso Region

bus transport

From the airport

By air, you will get to Santiago International Airport, then take a bus to Valparaíso, that is a 110 Km from Chile's Capitol. Once in Valparaíso you can get to Viña del Mar by bus, it is fairly close, only 5.5 kms.

Travel time from Santiago to Valparaíso es almost two hours.


From the Airport or from Santiago by car

From Santiago through the 68 motorway, it is 115 kms. to Valparaíso, 120 kms to Viña del Mar and 134 kms. to Concón. Towards the inland by highway or my rail the are the cities of Quilpué and Villa Alemana, 24 and 27 kms from Valparaíso. To get to the north of the metropolitan  area of Valparaíso, you must take España Ave. and keep on driving through the cost line till Concon City. From there you can access the F30 Highway and get to the north cost of the region. 

From Santiago by Bus

Desde el Terminal San Borja en Santiago ubicado en San Borja Nº 235, en el Metro Estación Central. Su teléfono es el (56)(2) 776 7079. Además del Terminal Buses Estación Central ubicado en Alameda Nº 3850, Metro Universidad de Santiago. Su teléfono es (56)(2) 376 1750.


Distance table


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