There is variety of services available in different price ranges with varied offers for students. Detailed information is important to avoid incurring in excessive charges. Services that use satellite media such as Skype, work pretty well, although the reception quality is slightly inferior.



servicios1 carabineros

List of address and phones for the police stations in the region.

Prefectura de Carabineros de Valparaíso
Buenos Aires Nº 750
Phone: 313 20 15

1a. Comisaría Valparaíso Sur
Aguayo Nº 42
Phone: 323 20 98

Prefectura de Carabineros de Viña del Mar
4 Norte Nº 320, esquina 4 Poniente
Phone: 313 23 68

Area code Valparaiso: 32

Free City Security: 800 800 820


Emergency Phones

servicios1 emergencia

We hope that your stay in Chile is pleasant and safe, but in case of problems in public ways, we recommend you to immediately contact the nearest police officer or call 133 or 139, where they will indicate you the steps to follow. Also you can go personally to the respective police station depending on the commune where you are.

Ambulance: 131

Fire Department: 132

Police: 133

Maritime Search and Rescue: 137

Air Rescue: 138

Police Information: 139



Official website of the Municipality of Valparaíso. Recommended to know everything about the city.

Official website of the Municipality of Viña del Mar. Recommended to know everything about the city.

For specific queries, programs, locations and schedules in the city

History, location and other data from the Valparaiso elevators.



servicios1 transporte

Buses are the main transport in the region. In fact, a 85% of student use this transport service and a 30% say that usually walks. The buses run locally and between cities, charging different fees depending on the distance. Merval (Valparaíso Metro) is also an alternative. There are special fees for students.

In Valparaíso and in conexion to Viña del Mar there are 4 fees:

General: $500 - $700.- CLP

Local: $300 - $400.- CLP

Student: $150.- CLP

If you want to have access to Student Fees you will need a student credential provided by the Higher Education Institution.



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