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Valparaiso Region features many places for students to enjoy free time and to which is easy to acces, because of the short distances and the variety of public transport alternatives. From Film Cycles of prominent directors and filmmakers, plays in cultural spaces as novel such as containers, the possibility of participating in university sports tournaments see favorite bands in concert, are part of the various scenarios to which you attend, free or discounted rate, displaying your university credentials.

spare time

Region De Valparaiso

To keep up of the best scenery and recreational and cultural activities of the city and Valparaíso region, where you can find online everything interesting that is going on: Music, exhibitions, dance, literature, visual arts, lectures, seminars, workshops, noncommercial films and theater.

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Both Viña del Mar and Valparaiso have commercial cinema chains. In Viña del Mar they are located in malls, where there is a wide offer in multiscreen movie complex. The region, however, has a good reputation earned by the film festivals, which every year receive outstanding creations of national and foreign filmmakers in documentary genres, long and short films, digitally animated film, among many new audiovisual proposals.

Cine Hoyts / Cinemark

Film Festival of Viña del MAR / FICVIÑA


Sport events

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Sport activities in Viña del Mar


In the region it is mainly practiced in Reñaca, beach located between Viña del Mar and Concón. Also in Ritoque, a wide beach located at 16 kms at the north of Valparaiso, well known because in 1970, a community of poets, philosophers, sculptors, painters, architects and designers founded the "Open City" to create a new form of life, with a avant-garde architecture, in the midst of nature. Surfing is also practiced in Maitencillo and Cachagua, beaches located at 52 and 60 kms respectively by the F30E coastal route.

Ski and Snowboard

In the areas nearby the mountains of Santiago (115 kms distant and 1:40 hrs by bus from Viña del Mar or Valparaiso) there are several places where you can practice ski and snowboard for the day, as El Colorado/Farellones, La Parva and Valle Nevado that are located between 40 and 50 kms from Santiago, where you can arrive in minibuses or group transfers that are hired in Omniun Commercial Center, just steps from the Escuela Militar subway station. Portillo, internationally known, is more distant than 150 km of Santiago on the road linking the capital with Mendoza, argentinian city.


Tourism Activities

Chilestuyo /

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